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v3.6.4 Released

snipe · 3 days ago2 changes

This is just a small point release that fixes an issue where you could not search on the model number of an Accessory.

Remember to run:

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v4.0 API Progress Report

snipe · about a month ago

Just another quick update - the API is moving along pretty well. I've been keeping the docs and the live API explorer updated as we go, so you can take a look at what we have:

If you click on any of the endpoints in the side-nav, you can actua...

    v3.6.3 Released

    snipe · about a month ago2 changes

    This is a small point-release that fixes an issue where a non-admin user with specific permissions allowing them to delete users would not actually permit them to do so, and would only work if the user had user/superadmin permissions.

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    New User's Manual URL

    snipe · about a month ago

    Just a quick heads up - the user's manual has been merged into this primary documentation site (look in the left sidebar for "User's Manual").

    A little history, the reason we had to have two different support websites, one for installation instructions and one for the user's manual, is that Readme...

      Next Up on the Development Roadmap

      snipe · about a month ago

      With the upcoming release of Snipe-IT v4.0, we'll be adding two highly anticipated features to Snipe-IT: the ability to checkout an asset to users, locations or other assets, and the beginnings of a REST API.

        v3.6.2 Released

        snipe · 2 months ago2 changes

        Remember to run:

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        v3.6.1 Released

        snipe · 2 months ago27 changes

        Remember to run:

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        Introducing Google 2FA and Digital Signatures

        snipe · 3 months ago

        Snipe-IT v3.6.0 brings two new exciting features, namely two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator (which works with Authy, etc), and optional digital signatures on asset acceptance.

        Both of these options are available in your Admin > Settings page.

        For detailed information on Google t...

          What's New in v3

          snipe · 10 months ago2 changes

          It's been a long time coming, but snipe-IT v3 is almost here. It's our biggest update yet (by far!), and we're excited to let you know what you can expect!

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