v4.0-alpha Released


PHP > 5.5.9 or greater is REQUIRED

For a full list of requirements for version 4.0, please see the v4 documentation.

The long-awaited alpha is out! We're still kicking the tires on this release, as it's a pretty big one, but we'd love the more adventurous of you to install/upgrade and report back. We obviously test new installs and upgrades before releasing, but our users use Snipe-IT in such weird and wonderful ways, on all kinds of different systems, so we can definitely use some help there.



This software is pre-release, which means there are likely to be bugs our testing didn't catch. While we always try to make sure any database/system changes are reversible, this should NOT be installed on a production system.

After switching to the develop branch (or downloading and overwriting your old install files), remember to run:

php composer.phar install --no-dev --prefer-source
php artisan config:clear
php composer.phar dump-autoload
php artisan migrate
php artisan view:clear

You will ALSO need to run:

php artisan passport:install

AFTER you've run the previous upgrading commands above.


  • added: (Experimental) Multi-field searching in asset listings
  • added: REST API with MUCH cleaner JSON payloads
  • fixed: UTF-8 issues with custom fields
  • improved: Upgraded to Laravel 5.4
  • improved: Authorization roles to de-empasize the "admin" role and apply more granular permissions to users
  • added: (Experimental) Ability to check assets out to users, locations and other assets
  • improved: Manufacturer data, adding support contact information
  • added: Ability to customize date and time formats in Settings
  • added: Bulk edit users for select user attributes (groups, manager, company, location)
  • added: Ability to edit custom fields
  • added: Support for location-specific LDAP OUs
  • known: Needs a slightly cleaner UI for the checkout assets out to users, locations and other assets
  • added: