What's New in Snipe-IT v4

Version 4 of Snipe-IT is here, and boy is it a big update. With almost 5,000 files changed and over 800 commits, this is our most ambitious upgrade yet, which is why it's taken so long. As you probably know, we typically put out point releases every few weeks, but this update has been eight months in the making.

v3.6.5 Released

This is a very small bugfix release that fixes an issue where logging updates and deletes was not working as expected.

v4.0-alpha Released


PHP > 5.5.9 or greater is REQUIRED

For a full list of requirements for version 4.0, please see the v4 documentation.

v4.0 API Progress Report



We do NOT recommend anyone use the develop branch in production right now, as it's very volatile at this time, but we didn't want to keep people in the dark about our progress. Things are moving very quickly, so check back often!

v3.6.4 Released

New in v3.6.4

v3.6.3 Released

This is a small point-release that fixes an issue where a non-admin user with specific permissions allowing them to delete users would not actually permit them to do so, and would only work if the user had user/superadmin permissions.

New User's Manual URL

Just a quick heads up - the user's manual has been merged into this primary documentation site (look in the left sidebar for "User's Manual").

Next Up on the Development Roadmap

With the upcoming release of Snipe-IT v4.0, we'll be adding two highly anticipated features to Snipe-IT: the ability to checkout an asset to users, locations or other assets, and the beginnings of a REST API.

v3.6.2 Released

Remember to run:

v3.6.1 Released

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