v4.0 API Progress Report



We do NOT recommend anyone use the develop branch in production right now, as it's very volatile at this time, but we didn't want to keep people in the dark about our progress. Things are moving very quickly, so check back often!

The API is making great progress, and we've been keeping the docs and the live API explorer updated as we go, so you can take a look at what we have:

Click here to check out the API documentation and the LIVE API Explorer!

Or if APIs aren't your thing, you can check out the Develop Branch Demo here.

If you click on any of the endpoints in the side-nav, you can actually test a live API (coming from the develop demo), so feel free to play around. If you wreck it too badly, we can easily reset it.

Additionally, about 80% of the Web UI on the develop branch is now consuming the new APIs. This was important to us to do out of the gate so that our own application was "eating our own dogfood." This matters to us on a philosophical level, but also helps ensure we're building an API that we would want to use.

Right now we're focusing more on the large listing pages to connect the APIs together, but the next few versions will have us transitioning over to using the API for more form-based things as well.

We are a little behind schedule, which certainly isn't ideal, but it's more important to us that we deliver a well-tested, reliable app backed by a solid API than it is for us to rush and ship broken features. This version of Snipe-IT rewrites a huge part of the core code to rely on the new API, so there are lots of places where things could go wrong.

To give you some idea, we've made over 490 commits and changed almost 3,500 files on the develop branch since it was at parity to master! If you're curious about what's changed so far, you can compare the branches here.

In addition to building out the API, we've been refactoring and improving some of the model functionality, and we took this opportunity to upgrade the underlying framework to the latest version.

We've also started adding some more information for developers who are interested in contributing towards the Snipe-IT. It's still in its infancy, but you can check that out here.

That's great, but WHEN will it be out??

We're going to be releasing an alpha in the next week that will get it in the hands of our users, who will help us really start to kick the tires. We obviously test extensively, but with so many people using Snipe-IT (often in weird and wonderful ways we didn't even think about), it's critical to get this in people's hands soon so we can launch v4 with confidence.

What's Left Before Release?

We've got a little housekeeping to do before we can release the alpha, namely:

  • Fixing the Travis CI tests
  • Confirming feature parity with all current v3 touchpoints
  • Adding user password change back into their profile
  • Test upgrades to make sure the upgrade process will go smoothly for existing users
  • Possibly check for and auto-generate/backup oauth keys used for internal API


  • added: (Experimental) Multi-field searching in asset listings
  • added: REST API with MUCH cleaner JSON payloads
  • fixed: UTF-8 issues with custom fields
  • improved: Upgraded to Laravel 5.4
  • improved: Authorization roles to de-empasize the "admin" role and apply more granular permissions to users
  • added: (Experimental) Ability to check assets out to users, locations and other assets
  • improved: Manufacturer data, adding support contact information
  • added: Ability to customize date and time formats in Settings
  • added: Bulk edit users for select user attributes (groups, manager, company, location)
  • added: Ability to edit custom fields
  • added: Support for location-specific LDAP OUs
  • added: