API Throttling

By default, the API will throttle at a maximum of 120 requests per minute. Future versions of Snipe-IT will allow configuration of that limit via the .env file, but in the meantime if you wish to change the rate-limit, open /app/Http/Kernel.php, find:

'api' => [

and change the throttle rate.

Be advised that if you manually edit this file, you'll need to re-apply your changes next time you upgrade Snipe-IT.

Items Returned Per API Request

As of Snipe-IT v4.7.7, API requests will return a maximum of 500 items per request by default. This is to prevent naive scripts from requesting a huge number of items, resulting in server timeouts or crashes due to memory used.

If you are hosting Snipe-IT locally, you can change the MAX_RESULTS value in your .env (or add it, if you're upgrading) to a higher number. Otherwise you should use standard pagination using the offset parameter to get your complete data set.