Return a listing of assets

Sortable Columns

Field NameDescription
idAsset ids
nameAsset names
asset_tagAsset unique asset tag
serialAsset serial numbers
modelName of the associated asset model
model_numberModel number of the associated asset model
last_checkoutDate the asset was last checked out
categoryName of the asset model's associated category
manufacturerName of the asset's manufacturer
notesAsset notes
expected_checkinExpected checkin date
order_numberOrder number associated with the asset
companyNameCompany name associated with the asset, if applicable
locationName of the location of the asset, either the default Ready to Deploy location, or the assigned user's location
imageName of the optional image file associated with the asset
status_labelName of the status label associated with the asset
assigned_toName of the person the asset is assigned to
created_atDate the asset was created
purchase_dateDate the asset was purchased
purchase_costPurchase cost of the asset
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