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Admin Settings

Your Admin Settings are available only to superadmins, and they control settings such as branding, colors, logo, alert thresholds, password security and much more.



If you upgraded from v4.x of Snipe-IT to v5.x and you're encountering an issue where Admin Settings aren't being saved with no on-screen form alert telling you what field is invalid, please check that your minimum password length is 8 characters or greater in Admin Settings > Security. The minimum password length was raised to 8 in version 5, as documented in the release notes.

To access the admin settings, click on the gears icon in the top right navigation bar.

This will take you to the Admin Settings panel. From there, you can select which setting you'd like to edit.

We break down each setting in this section so you can clearly see what each Setting option does.

Updated 5 months ago

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Admin Settings

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