The requirements for Snipe-IT are fairly standard for a modern web server, and most servers will have most or all of these components already installed. If for some reason you don't have them installed, they are relatively easy to add.



If you're installing Snipe-IT on shared hosting, you should have most of these installed already, with the exception of LDAP. LDAP integration may not be possible on shared hosting, depending on your web host. Email your hosting provider's support team to determine if your server meets the requirements to install Snipe-IT.

General System Requirements



PHP >= 7.4 < v8.1.2

PHP Extensions:

MySQL or MariaDB

GD Library (>=2.0) or Imagick PHP extension (>=6.3.8)

For barcode generation and image resting for image uploads., Notepad++ or another plain-text editor for the editing configuration file

The specific text editor doesn't matter, just as long as it doesn't save as rich text or try to convert apostrophes and quotes into curly quotes.


Highly recommended for easier install/upgrade, but not required.

Requirements Specific to Linux/OSX


Mod Rewrite

SSH access to the server with an SSH client (like Terminal for mac OS Desktops or Putty for Windows Desktops)

Requirements Specific to Windows Server




IIS URL Rewrite

MariaDB 10.0.14 for Windows

PHP Manager for IIS (makes managing PHP on IIS much easier)

Composer 2 install with the shell menus

For v6.x of Snipe-IT, Composer 2 is required.

Notepad++ for editing files

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