Large LDAP Directories

In your .env file, you may need to modify the LDAP_MEM_LIM (expressed as '500M' for 500MB) and/or the LDAP_TIME_LIM (expressed in seconds) in order to avoid a large LDAP sync from timing out or exhausting all memory.

The default time limit is 10 minutes. The default memory limit is 500MB.

You can set up a cron to automatically sync LDAP users using the following:

php artisan snipeit:ldap-sync {--location=} {--location_id=} {--summary}

location and location_id are optional.

So for example, if you know the location_id of the location you're trying to add the users to, you could use:

php artisan snipeit:ldap-sync --location_id=1 --summary

Or if you know the name of the location, you could use:

php artisan snipeit:ldap-sync --location=Queens --summary

See the full documentation on LDAP Syncing for more information.


For Hosted Snipe-IT Customers

If you need to set up an LDAP sync cron job on the hosted platform, just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll get you sorted. :)

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