Asset Labels

Generating labels for your assets is very simple in Snipe-IT. Simply go to any of the asset listing views (Ready to Deploy, Deployed, etc) and use the checkboxes in the leftmost column to select the assets you'd like to generate labels for. Once you've finished your selection, scroll down to the bottom of the asset listing table, and select "Generate Labels" from the dropdown list.

This will generate labels based on the size specifications you set in Admin > Settings > Labels. (The outline around the labels that you see on your screen will not be printed.)

The labels you generate can have a 1D barcode and a 2D barcode. The QR code will provide a quick link within the system to your asset, using any QR code reader on any mobile device.

The bottom barcode will work with the top asset tag search, for use with USB barcode scanners. Any standard USB or bluetooth barcode scanner should work.)

NOTE: You must have barcodes enabled in Admin > Settings for labels to be generated.

Label Printers

While Snipe-IT should work with any standard printer using sheet table stock and adjusting the label settings to whatever you need (based on label size), some users prefer to use label printers.

While we haven't tested every available label printer, users have reported success with at least the following machines:

  • Brother QL-800 and 2.4" tape
  • Brother PT-E500 (24mm tape and scale can be used for 12mm)
  • Brother PT-P700 (TZe-S241 3/4" (0.7) Extra Strength Adhesive Labels)

Using the 3/4" tape, to produce an asset label with Asset Tag and Serial, plus square logo and QR code use the settings here:

  • Label Dimensions - 2.8 wide, 0.73 high
  • Label Spacing 0.05 horizontal, 0 vertical
  • Page Margins - 0.1 top, 0 bottom, 0.1 right, 0.2 left
  • Page dimensions - 2.9 wide, 0.74 high
  • Label visible fields - Serial and Asset Tag
  • Dymo Labelwriter 400 with Large Address Labels (89mm x 36 mm)
  • Zebra LP2824 Plus with 2.25 x 1.25 labels

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