General Settings

The General Settings panel allows you to configure aspects of your install such as Full Company Support, whether or not to require physical (digital) signatures on assets, and so on.

Full Multiple Companies Support

Snipe-IT offers a sort of multi-tenancy within the application, which allows super-admins to restrict the assets non-super-admins can see.

If you decide to enable this feature, you will need to create companies in the Companies interface and assign assets and users to those companies in order for the restrictions to apply. Super-admins can always see all users, assets, etc and are never restricted by company.

If you would like to track assets by company but do not need to restrict users, you can still use the Admin > Companies section, just don't enable full company support in the settings. In that case, a user or asset's associated company will be displayed, but no restrictions will be placed on them.

Require Signature

Starting from version 3.6.0, you can require a physical signature on asset with the asset acceptance/declination. With this enabled, users will be prompted with an on-screen signature box where they can sign their name with their mouse, or their finger on any touch-enabled device.



Remember that you must enable the acceptance requirement at the category level for your users to actually receive the email requiring them to accept an asset. This provides more granular acceptance options for a wider range of asset type.

Email Domain

The email domain should be set to whatever your company's primary email domain is, for example, This setting is used in conjunction with the Email Format setting (below) to generate email addresses when importing if email addresses are not provided.

Email Format

Used with the Email Domain (above), set this to the standardized format your organization uses for email formatting - first initial, last name, first name last name, etc.

Username Format

This works the same as Email Format (above), but for usernames.

Use Gravatar

This setting allows you to specify whether or not your Snipe-IT installation can load scripts from the outside world, specifically Gravatar. If your Snipe-IT installation is not connected to or cannot access the outside internet, uncheck this box.

Results Per Page

Specify how many results per page you wish to display. If your Snipe-IT listing pages seems a little slow, you may wish to make this number smaller. You will also be able to override this value on each of the listing pages.

Max Thumbnail Height

This is the maximum number in pixels that can be displayed in the listing view. Unless you wish to display much larger images in your listing pages, you should be able to leave this as its default value. The maximum value for this field is 500.

Default EULA

Snipe-IT allows you to set up a general EULA or Terms of Service that will be emailed to users when an asset is checked out to them if the category the asset belongs to has EULAs enabled.

You may also override this EULA with category-specific EULAs in the Categories interface. This can be helpful if you have an overall organization EULA for assets, but a specific set of EULAs for mobile devices, tablets, etc.

Login Note

You may optionally include a few sentences on your login screen, for example to assist people who have found a lost or stolen device, or to direct people to your LDAP interface to allow them to reset their LDAP password. This field accepts Github flavored markdown.

Test Mail

This button allows you to test the mail functionality of Snipe-IT. It will send a test email to whatever the MAIL_REPLYTO_ADDR is set to in your .env.

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