Managing Assets

Assets in Snipe-IT are anything that have an asset tag. Asset tags are always unique, and are meant to be used with barcode labels affixed to the assets themselves - although it's perfectly fine to use Snipe-IT without ever using asset labels. Use Snipe-IT however works best for you.

While assets have a set of required and optional fields, you can also create your own Custom Fields for your assets to track additional information that Snipe-IT itself doesn't account for.

Best Practices


Checking out assets to non-people

While it is possible within Snipe-IT to check assets out to targets other than users, for example checking an asset out to a location, or another asset, we discourage this practice.

One of the primary benefits of using an asset management system is that you always have someone who is accountable for an item. A location cannot be held responsible if an asset is broken or goes missing, so it's disadvantageous to your accountability chain to assign assets to targets that are not actually people.

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