Importing History

Version 3.3 of Snipe-IT provides for a basic history importer. If you were previously tracking checkouts by way of Google Docs or an Excel spreadsheet and you'd like to import older history (not just current status), this tool allows you to do so.

You can find the history importer in your left-side menu, under the Assets section.



The assets and users MUST already exist in the system, or they will be skipped.

Matching assets for history import happens against the asset tag.

The Snipe-IT History Importer will try to find a matching user based on the user's name you provide, and the criteria you select from the history import form. If you do not select any criteria in the form, it will simply try to match on the username format you configured in the Admin < Settings.

Fields included in the CSV must match the headers: Date, Asset Tag, Name:

Column HeaderExamplesNotes
Checkout date. Can take any date format that can be translated by strtotime(), but YYYY-mm-dd will always be easiest. Do not use dd-mm-YYYY, as it will not parse correctly.
Asset TagSN23455This is the asset tag of the existing asset you'd like to import that checkout for.
NameJane SmithThe name (firstname lastname) of the user the asset was checked out to.



  • Any additional fields will be ignored
  • History should be ordered by date in ascending order.