The installation instructions provided here are for a production installation of Snipe-IT. If you are a developer looking to contribute to Snipe-IT, please see the Contributing page.

Installation Overview

Once you have downloaded Snipe-IT, you'll need to complete all of the steps in the installation section, in addition to configuring your server.

That means you will now create an empty MySQL/MariaDB database, customize your configuration file, install the dependencies with composer, and then configure your web server.

Your steps should look something like this:



Est. Time

Step 1

Download Snipe-IT

< 1 minute

Step 2

Creating a Database and User

< 1 minute

Step 3

Configure Snipe-IT for your environment

< 3 minutes

Step 4

Install package dependencies via composer

< 3 minutes

Step 5

Generate Your App Key

< 1 minute

Step 6

Configure your webserver

~10 minutes

Step 7

Pre-Flight & Setup

< 3 minutes

Installation should take around twenty minutes or less, if nothing goes wrong, and if you're pretty familiar with web server configuration.

If this all looks too overwhelming for you, we do offer affordable hosted solutions for folks who want to use Snipe-IT but don't know how to run a web server, or don't have time to keep up with updates. Hosted customers also get email support, and assistance with importing data.

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