Purging Soft-Deletes

Snipe-IT uses soft-deletes system-wide, in order to preserve history. This means that when you delete something (a user, an asset, etc) from Snipe-IT, it's not actually deleted, but rather just marked as deleted.

Even if a user is no longer with your organization, you'd want to maintain the history of the assets so that you could see whose hands it has been in, even if they're no longer with the company.



Purging your soft-deletes will permanently delete records from your database. This means that you may lose history on assets when you purge a user, etc. You should typically only do this in the case of a bad import, or wanting to quickly delete test data.

To purge soft-deletes from the command line, run the following:

php artisan snipeit:purge

You will be asked to confirm your decision before you can continue.


Alternatively, you can access the Purge option in Admin > Settings.