System Notifications

An overview of all of the notifications that Snipe-IT sends

The primary notification methods in Snipe-IT are email notifications and Slack notifications. Most of the notifications can be turned on or off based on particular settings, but we thought it might be helpful to lay out all of the possible notifications the system generates.

Slack notifications will naturally only be sent if you have your Slack details added in Admin Settings > Slack.

NotificationTypeUser/AdminTriggered By
New user welcomeemailuserOption on user creation/import
Password resetemailuserClicking on the forgotten password link
Checkin/Checkoutemail, slackuser, adminSet at the item category level
Require acceptanceemailuserAdmin Settings > General
Expected checkinemailuser, adminphp artisan snipeit:expected-checkin
Item expirationemailadminphp artisan snipeit:expiring-alerts
Low inventory alertsemailadminphp artisan snipeit:inventory-alerts
AuditslackadminAuditing an asset
Audit Due / Overdueemailadminphp artisan snipeit:upcoming-audits
Asset requestedemail, slackadminUser requests an asset or asset model
Asset request canceledemail, slackadminUser cancels a request for an asset or asset model
Slack testslackadminClick on the Test Slack button in Settings
Test emailemailadminClick on the Test Email button in Settings


New User Welcome Email

Please note that the New User Welcome email cannot be resent after the user is created, as passwords are stored in a one-way hash. Since we cannot decrypt them, we cannot send a user their password after they've been created. The user can use the Forgotten Password link to reset their password instead.